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What is rateyourdive.com?

The compare, book and rating platform specially for diving

Our Vision

The basic idea at the start in January 2017 of our project was to make the diving industry more transparent and thereby more confident and safe

What once began as an exclusive hobby, fell with the years victim to the mass tourism. And sometimes with it the safety.

Therefore our aim is to provide an opportunity to check beforehand where the best Dive Professional, Dive Center or Liveaboard awaits you.

After a sky rocket start we have now more than 5.000 profiles around the world. We listened to your feedback carefully again for further development. With your help we evolved to the world’s first platform that provides the opportunity to compare offers and prices, book and rate your dive with a Dive-Professional, Dive Center or Liveaboard.

Ricardo Gerstner
Dive-Instructor; Founder and CEO

“The idea of rateyourdive.com has been on my mind forever. The website gives you insights on what’s happening underwater and therefore increases transparency.”

Malte Vietense
COO and Marketing

“Something wonderful is happening here… Divers evaluate their providers and that happens honestly and transparently. So everyone can see in advance what to expect in terms of service. That’s how it should always be – that’s why we do it.”

Florian Liebig

„No medium gives you more opportunities to connect people globally. rateyourdive.com will connect the underwaterwold, too!“

We value quality

We value quality

We verify the authenticity
of each profile by hand
to make sure they really exist.

Our ratings are fair

Our reviews are real

We check the e-mail and
content of every rating.
No chance for fakes!

We are objective

There for you

Our 24/7 live support
will be happy to help you.
Your buddy is always within reach.