Beginners Dive Course – Day 2+3

09.08.2017 by ricardo

Day 2

Yesterday we told you about the first day of Maria’s Open Water Diver course at the Dive Center Mallorca, with her instructor Léon and his assistants.
Because of common issues with the mask clearing skills, we promised to give you some advice. Therefore our team of dive professionals and divers put together some helpful hints and tricks. As most of the problems arise from the so-called “water nose reflex”, your body will get more used to the situation with every time you try. Long story short: Practice makes perfect!

That is the reason, why you will do all the skills during your beginners’ course several times in different kinds of circumstances. So our best advice is simply to put on your mask and snorkel at home, insert some water and keep it like that on your face for a few minutes. Get used to breathing slowly through your mouth while having water around your nose. After taking some deep breaths to calm yourself down, you can clear the mask like the instructor showed you. Repeat that procedure and you will see the same quick progress, as our team member Maria.


So after her first day we stayed in the bathroom for about half an hour and once more before the start of her second day. And it paid off! Maria was a lot calmer already a lot calmer in advance and more confident during the clearing of the mask. She came out of the water with such a big smile that you could tell she was just glad she had overcome it without problems this time.

Pool lesson II

Day two started as the last day had ended – in the pool. As we said, practising is the main focus of the course. So the group performed the same skills with the regulator, mask and buoyancy.

First time in the ocean

After a lunch break they met again in the afternoon. This time on the schedule: Skill training in a confined water environment. In our case that was a beautiful little bay, just a few minutes from the dive center. It wasn’t just the circumstances that were new, but also that the group received a dive computer for the first time. After Léon explained how it worked and another buddy check, they were ready to enter the water. At a depth of about 5 meters, they went through the skills again, before everybody was allowed to do their first salt water fin kicks. Being deeper than in the pool also meant trying different kinds of equalising techniques. The common Valsalva method was the best solution for most of the people.

Theory Lesson II

The day ended with a second theory lesson about diving physics and hazards.

Day 3

Day three was pretty much the same as the afternoon of day two, except for better visibility in the bay due to improved weather conditions. They started after lunch and the main focus was on the skills again. Because most of the group had already got a lot better at the exercises, there was more time to dive around the bay, practising the right diving position and seeing some fish. 🙂

Theory Lesson III

The day ended with a third theory lesson about further training possibilities and the dive table.


Stay tuned for the last training day 4 and Maria’s first open water dive on day five. 🙂