Best Water Sports Adventures You Can Enjoy in Bali

25.06.2020 by ricardo

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Reading Time: 10min. / Max. Diving Depth: 40m 😉

Best Water Sports Adventures You Can Enjoy in Bali

The paradise island of Bali is one of the best loved tourist destinations in Indonesia. And it’s hardly a surprise! This tropical island has everything. From rich local culture, to hiking on volcanoes, to turquoise waves lapping against white sand beaches.

One of the top activities in Bali is water sports. So, in this post, we’ll look at ten of the most exciting and exhilarating water sports on offer in Bali. Which one will you tick off your bucket list first?

Scuba diving

Can you say you’ve even visited Bali if you don’t try scuba diving? Probably not. One of the most exciting places to dive in Asia, Bali’s is teeming with marine life. You’ll be able to spot colourful tropical fish dancing and darting throughout the coral reefs. Two of the best places to try this out are Amed and Gilli Air. There are several PADI accredited dive schools through Bali where you can take your first steps into the water if you’re a newbie. For those who are too nervous to dive, snorkelling also offers an opportunity to see marine life. However, diving is highly recommended!

Stand up Paddle Boarding

While you’re in Bali, why not try the fastest growing water sport in the world? Stand up paddle boarding is super versatile, being a great way to maintain your body’s core strength while also being a relaxed way to sight see… But there’s more to SUP than just paddling your way along a quiet beach. Throw yourself into waves with SUP surfing or get yourself up early for a spot of sunrise yoga on your board. The possibilities are endless! You can easily find paddle boards for rental in Bali, or have a look at GILI Sports Paddle Boards if you’re thinking of investing in a board.


Kuta Beach is not only one of the most popular places to stay in Bali, but it’s also one of the best spots for beginner surfers. The beach is lined with beginners taking their first lesson from the surf schools here – with lessons costing a fraction of what they would in Australia or Hawaii. Once you’ve mastered the waves, you might fancy moving away from the crowds and tackling somewhere a little more difficult. How about the beach breaks and barrel waves of Uluwatu Beach on the south of the island?


Sticking with board sports, wakeboarding is a surefire way to get your heart rate racing on Bali’s beaches. A cross between skiing and surfing, it’s a lot of fun. If you’re a first timer, you could head to somewhere like Bali wake park where you’ll be given all the safety equipment and you can catch your first air on a man-made lagoon. Once you get confident with wakeboarding, try throwing in a few obstacles!


If you’re afraid of heights, maybe skip this for the next option. Definitely something to tick off your Bali bucket list, parasailing sees you strapped to a parachute and pulled along by a speed boat. You’re likely to either relax with the cool ocean breeze on your face, or scream out in terror. Who knows, maybe you’ll do both? Either way, it will get the adrenaline flowing!

Flying Fish

Got vertigo? Skip this one as well. Flying Fish is only for the most daring of adventure seekers on Bali’s beaches. You’ll be pulled along by a speedboat again, but instead of being attached to a parachute, it’s a inflatable rubber boat this time. Once the boat pulling you gets up to speed, you’ll be hoisted above the waves in a thrilling but quite terrifying experience. Try it if you’re brave enough!

Jet Skiing

If you liked the idea of wakeboarding earlier but don’t want to take to the air, how about trying jet skiing or water skiing? It’s one of the fastest ways to skim the waves in Bali (yes, it’s another one where you’ll be pulled along by a speedboat). With this one, you’ll be cooled by the spray of the waves as you zip along by Bali’s beautiful beaches.

Sea Walking

Want to have all the benefits of scuba diving without the difficulties of actually learning how to do it? Okay, you can’t go quite as deep as you could with a scuba, but 20 – 25 metres down is still enough to see Bali’s stunning coral reefs and the colourful fish that call them home. If you’re still and tranquil enough, you may even get some of the fish to come up and eat from your hand!

White Water Rafting

Not all of Bali’s awesome water activities are in the sea or the ocean. This island paradise is home to a mountainous rainforest which is filled with rushing rivers. While you won’t have too much time to do so, you can’t help but notice how beautiful Bali’s interior is. Two of the most popular places to go rafting in Bali are on the Telaga and Ayung Rivers. You might recognise them from the Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love.

Canyon Tubing

Looking for something like rafting but would rather go solo? Canyon tubing might just be the water sport for you. As you pass through the jungle, look overhead to spot monkeys calling to each other and birds swooping through the trees. Don’t let your concentration slip too much though – you’ll have to navigate some rocky plunges along the canyon!

Final Thoughts on the best water sports adventures in Bali

Now that you know more about the best water sports activities in Bali, you’ll want to start planning your trip. To get more information on scuba diving in Bali, check out Rate your Dive. You’ll be able to find the best hot spots on the island and dive centres that can make your trip easier.