Scuba Diving in Croatia

19.08.2018 by ricardo

Guest Blog by Alisha Postma from Dive Buddies 4 Life


Scuba Diving Croatia: From Dubrovnik to Zadar

For the two weeks we were in Croatia last summer, we stuck close to the coast. Not only were most of our wishlist sites located on the waterfront, but honestly, who wants to be in the Mediterranean in July and not have easy access to water? The heat there was no joke. (Lucky for me I love the heat!)

We stayed in two different places while in Croatia: Dubrovnik and Zadar. Even though the two cities are only 4 hours drive apart, the sites and scuba diving are worlds apart.

The Historic City of Dubrovnik

It’s hard to summarize the historically rich and oh so beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

We spend a week in this area and I’d like to think you would have agreed, it was a pretty perfect place to stay. This ideal location enabled us to dive and spend our surface intervals exploring Dubrovnik’s old town, where the well known Game of Thrones T.V. series was filmed.

But first comes the scuba diving

With crystal clear water and dramatic underwater landscapes the diving scene is Dubrovnik is a real treat for scuba divers. I loved dive sites like Lokrum Island and the lighthouse island but my ultimate favorite was a site called little Africa.

All the dive sites except for little Africa (if you are diving with Blue Planet) need to be reached by boat.

Pelagic fish, crabs, nudibranchs and everything in between are everywhere to be seen. Blue water and walls seem to be the theme around these parts so make sure to bring your underwater camera, it truly is a fabulous dive spot.

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A Tiny Little Town Outside of Zadar

Next on down the coast after Dubrovnik was Ražanac, a tiny little town on the Dalmatian coast, just outside of Zadar.

Per the norm, I spent months prior perusing Airbnb, and trying to find something that would suit our fancy. Not surprisingly, with Croatia being a European tourist hot spot, there wasn’t a lot to be found in this area (or at least not too many up to our standards and budget).

This is how we found ourselves in Ražanac, not our first choice for town, but perfect for proximity to the water and close enough to get in our weekend dive adventure.

This breathtaking little slice of turquoise coast seemed a popular vacation spot with tonnes of European families. After Dubrovnik, this part of Croatia seemed to be our first chance to sit back, breath and go about enjoying the coast with no agenda in mind. This change of pace was exactly what we needed, but don’t worry we still managed to squeeze in a day of diving.

Hitting the water around Zadar was a splash of colour in an otherwise blue world. Yellow polyps, sponges, lattice like purple gorgonians… there was colour and critters all around me. We did both a deep dive followed by a shallow dive and both times my heart soared with excitement. Of all the things we spotted, my favorite was finding the mermaid purses strung onto a gorgonian.

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You can Snorkel Croatia too…

On top of diving, we also did our fair share of snorkeling in this part of Croatia. This region of the Dalmatian coast is well known in that it’s a “beach” destination – even though the closest thing to white sand is small outcroppings. I guess the Croatian version of beach and mine is just a tad different.

Thanks to the heat and of course the insanely blue waters, I could hardly keep myself from getting wet.

It was rocky, and really easy to find small little 2-3 foot cliffs to jump into the water. Almost every day we jumped in and spend our lunch breaks scavenging the shores. It was every bit as delicious as I imagined and so cool to watch tidal creatures at work in the shallows.

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After having travelled up the Balkan coast, I must say, Croatia was a dive destination that can surely make the other countries envious.

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