Wreck Diving – Along the traces of history

26.01.2017 by ricardo
Beim Wracktauchen entdeckt man oft spannende Dinge

Discovering sunken worlds underneath the surface of water – that is an old dream of humanity. During wreck diving you can come a little closer to this dream. Around the world there are a lot of sunken ships, or even planes and cars, to be found at the bottom of the sea. On a diving tour, you can have a closer look at these wrecks and experience “live” a piece of history. We give you tips regarding wreck diving and show you hotspots around the world. When will you dive into history?

Which equipment do I need to go wreck diving?

In general “normal” diving equipment is sufficient in order to explore wrecks. However there are some important aspects that you should bear in mind: On one hand, a longer neoprene suit is important in order to protect you from sharp edges in wrecks. Especially in narrow wrecks you should be equipped with a helmet and gloves as well. A lamp or an underwater spotlight makes it easier to orient yourself if you wish to penetrate inside. A knife can also make sense, so that in case of emergency you can remove any linens, nets or the like that are hanging around.

What is the best way to prepare myself for wreck diving?

Before going in the deep, you should inform yourself as much as possible about the wreck: As a rule, a native or an experienced diving guide can give you more information. During the dive it is important that you know exactly how the wreck is built on the inside, so that you can always find a way out. In our databank, you can find the appropriate diving instructor for wreck diving.

Important tips for wreck diving

Especially as an amateur, you should only wreck dive on a rope, so that you can safely go back up. In addition, you should never dive alone in a wreck. Plan your stay exactly and divide the air according to the 1/3 rule: 1/3 for the actual dive, 1/3 for the way back as well as 1/3 as reserve. Just as important: Before the wreck dive, enquire about the condition of currents at the sunken ship, so that you are not surprised by them.

Very important: Never take “souvenirs” from the wrecks, severe penalties are frequently imposed! A respectful conduct with this piece of history, which you are allowed to explore, should be self-evident.

Where is wreck diving particularly worthwhile?

Around the world, there are thousands of ship wrecks that can be discovered. Especially wrecks in warm bodies of water are visited, because a fascinating underwater world has often arisen around the sunken ship. According to a survey in 2016, wreck divers enjoy visiting the Yongala, a passenger ship of 1911 near Queensland (Australia), the Thistlegorm (book here), a British warship near Sharm el-Sheik (book here), as well as the USAT Liberty (book here), an American warship near Bali. Palau (book here) and the Chuuk Laguna (book here) are particularly rich in various wrecks, among them also planes.

If you have developed a yearning for wreck diving, just contact an appropriate dive guide from our databank and get going with your adventure under water!

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