Let us infect and inspire you with diving!

We will only be satisfied once you do dry-training on your carpet with your favourite fins on a daily basis, when as an ex-couch-potato you finally slide down your sofa and register for a diving course, if you treat yourself to a view through your diving mask in your filled-up washbasin and count sea horses to fall asleep every night.

You see we pursue high demands! It is our objective to enable you to have step-by-step insights into the diving world with thematically broadly diversified articles, to inform and captivate you. Yes, let’s admit it, we want to make you dependent, addicted to the beauty below the surface.

Between you and me: We are certain, you are already trapped.

Tough luck! ;-)

08.08.2017 by ricardo

As you may have already read on our Facebook page, part of our team left off for a journey around the world. Our first stop is the beautiful ...

26.05.2017 by ricardo

Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy Fluffy Rabbits? Yeah 😀 exactly! When you go diving one of the most important things that you need to do is the so called “buddy ...


“Apnoea” means “respiratory arrest” in ancient Greek. Apnoea diving (also called free-diving) is probably the oldest form of diving, which certainly belongs to the most dangerous disciplines: Because ...