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Diving in Egypt

Everything you have to know and the best Dive Sites

Sunshine all-year-round, the endless coasts of the Red Sea, fascinating culture and super value for your money – this is what comes to mind for many divers when speaking of Egypt. The best aspect: From Germany, the diving paradise can be reached in just 5 flying hours, therefore it is an extremely popular destination for divers of all levels. Due to the high number of visitors though, you should get detailed information before diving in Egypt. so that you can enjoy your diving experience without any disturbances. The reefs of Egypt. above all, are in danger because of the constant flow of visitors – for instance you should not dive close to Hurghada, so as not to ruin the reefs any further. If you wish to see reefs, El Gouna or Safaga are recommended instead. Your local diving guide can provide more information to that end.

Having said this, diving in Egypt. is popular and rightly so – and with a little bit of preparation, you can spend a wonderful diving holiday here.

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What is the best season for diving in Egypt?

Diving in Egypt. is possible all-year-round. The water temperature ranges from 22 to 28 degrees throughout the year. If you wish to see a lot of flora and fauna under water though, it is recommended to travel to Egypt for diving from September to November. Then the water is pleasant and the outdoor temperature as well – in addition, by doing so you will avoid the peak tourist time of June to August, when the touristic spots are often crowded. During the months of September to November, you can incidentally see an exceptional amount of large fish and turtles – so this is ideal for nature lovers!

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Our team’s favourites

“The red sea is my absolute favourite place for diving in the world. The best I’ve been to so far were the famous Dahab Blue Hole and Big Brother in Hurghada” 🙂
– Rene Broo, IT Business Engineer at rateyourdive.com

“The Thistlegorm is the most beautiful wreck I have seen so far!”
– Maria Gerstner, Service Manager at rateyourdive.com

The most beautiful places for diving in Northern Egypt

Egypt is particularly well-developed for tourists. Hence there are diving trips in all price ranges. Thereby, the country divides itself into north and south with regards to diving: Whereas beginners are in good hands in the north, divers that are more demanding and experienced will find beautiful diving sites that are not so crowded in the south.

In the north of Egypt, there are some interesting spots:

  • The region around Hurghada has an extremely wide selection of diving schools. However, the reefs are extremely damaged there due to overflowing underwater tourism! An indication for a sustainable diving offer, for instance, is when the school is a member of the environmental organisation HEPCA.
  • Sharm el-Sheik is also a touristic stronghold. From there, you can set out on interesting trips with liveaboards, e.g. for wreck diving or to the Ras Mohammed National Park.
  • For technically-minded divers, Dahab is a special attraction: The famous “Blue Hole” is located here, a diving site with a depth of up to 60 metres.

The best places for diving in Southern Egypt

The south of Egypt has been less affected by tourism and offers some interesting spots for experienced divers. Among the most beautiful diving sites in southern Egypt are:

  • El Quseir and Marsa Alam: A lot of diving schools have small “house reefs” here, directly located in adjacent waters. Probably the most beautiful reef of Egypt can be reached from here as well: The Elphinstone Reef. From time to time you can encounter large fish and sharks here as well. Within certain limits, you may also dive in Shaab Samadei which is nearby: Dolphins are at home here, reason why the diving spot is also known as the Dolphin House.
  • Hamata: The small place in the Deep South can only be reached with small buses (ca. 2-hour drive from Marsa Alam) and correspondingly less touristy. Intact nature can be seen here under water.

Archaeological diving in Alexandria

The historic city of Alexandria is an interesting diving spot for fans of archaeological diving. Here you will find antique ruins such as the lighthouse, which used to rank among the world wonders in ancient times, but also a library, statues, pillars and much more. Getting to the buried antique centre of the city is only possible with guided tours. Alexandria is also a hot spot for lovers of wreck diving: Besides parts of Napoleon’s fleet which were sunk here, vestiges from the Second World War can be found (e.g. an airplane wreck) and antique ship wrecks.

Diving in Egypt at a glance

  • Peak tourist season: All-year-round, September to November is the best time though due to the vegetation and temperature
  • Appropriate for: All diving levels, from beginners to advanced, great diving safaris (liveaboards) are also possible
  • Water temperature: 22 degrees (winter) to 28 degrees (summer)
  • Entry requirement: The best way is to obtain a visa at the consulate (ca. 22 euros), and find out about possible travel warnings beforehand on the website of Foreign Office
  • Particular diving experiences: Wreck diving, reef diving, archaeological diving, fascinating underwater world, snorkelling is also possible for beginners
  • Duration of trip: 1 – 2 weeks, due to the short flying time (ca. 5 hours), but shorter trips are also possible
  • Diving equipment: Can be rented on site in most cases
  • Travelling: By plane to the tourist spots and continue from there with intercity buses. In the touristic regions, local transport is very good in most cases.


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