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Diving in Indonesia

Everything you have to know and the best Dive Sites

Indonesia is rightly considered one of the most beautiful diving regions worldwide. Nowhere else is biodiversity as large as here. Thousands of different species of fish and corals are waiting to be discovered! The country is perfect for advanced divers, because there is something new to be discovered at every turn – in order to really enjoy a dive though, you often need experience in current diving.

When someone thinks about Indonesia, Bali is probably the first place that comes to mind. The island is certainly one of the most famous spots for divers. However, other regions of the country have a lot to offer – after all, Indonesia has more than 50,000 kilometres of coastline! Everyone can find his favourite place here then…

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During which season is a diving holiday in Indonesia worthwhile?

Just like a lot of popular diving regions, Indonesia is worthwhile all-year-round: The temperatures are constantly warm, under water as well, so that you are well-equipped with a 3 – 5 mm wetsuit. Nevertheless, the months of April and May, as well as September and October, are particularly appropriate. The sea is particularly quiet then and, as such, the visibility under water is crystal clear during these months. This is due to the change of seasons, since monsoon season takes place from November to April as well as from June to August: Spring or autumn is therefore the best time in Indonesia, especially for diving safaris where you spend more time on the water.

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Hot Spots for diving on Bali

Bali is THE hot spot for divers in Indonesia – no wonder, since there are diving spots for every taste around the island. Among others, you should have a look at the following highlights:

  • MSS Liberty: The Liberty is a shipwreck from the 2nd World War, which was sunk off the coast of Tulamben. Since the wreck is not particularly deep (as of 6 metres) and offers great wildlife, it is very popular. It is also ideally suited for beginners! There is also a volcanic scarp slope nearby, where schools of fish gather.
  • Crystal Bay: Due to strong currents, Crystal Bay is rather considered as a place for skilled divers. Whoever can handle this well, fascinating colours, a lot of marine species and even rare ocean sunfish await (primarily in September/October).
  • Manta Point: Manta Point, a meeting place for manta rays, is located near Crystal Bay. Whoever wishes to observe the fascinating creatures will surely come across several specimens. This diving spot is appropriate for all levels of experience, because the current is not that strong
  • Blue Lagoon: The famous Blue Lagoon is likewise suitable for all levels of experience: In the crystal clear water, a colourful underwater world awaits you. Whoever wishes to obtain his diving certificate can do so at a relatively inexpensive price.

Hot Spots for diving in the rest of Indonesia

Besides Bali, there are still thousands of other spots for diving in Indonesia. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Komodo: Above water, the island is known for its natural reserve for the famous monitor lizards. Below water, especially current divers get their money’s worth. Worthwhile diving safaris depart from here as well.
  • Gili Islands: The Gili Islands is a group of three small islands. There is an extremely large variety of species to be marvelled at. Whoever feels like current diving or night diving will be thoroughly satisfied here. Rare marine dwellers (turtles, rays, whale sharks…) can often be seen as well.
  • Raja Ampat: Current divers will also have a lot of fun during the day or at night on Raja Ampat. The island with large biodiversity and colourful coral reefs is (still) considered an insider tip and is correspondingly quiet.
  • Sulawesi: Incredible species diversity is present here and a colourful underwater world – thereby the diving regions are appropriate for all levels due to the somewhat weaker current.

Diving in Indonesia at a glance

  • Peak tourist season: All-year-round, although April / May and September / October are the best months due to the change of season
  • Appropriate for: Rather for advanced
  • Water temperature: 25 – 29 degrees all-year-round
  • Entry requirement: Mostly uncomplicated with a passport
  • Particular diving experiences: Reef diving, wreck diving, sharks, caves, current diving, general flora and fauna under water
  • Duration of trip: As of 10 days. There is a lot to see and the flight from Germany is long.
  • Diving equipment: Can be rented on site in most cases, but it is better to find out beforehand
  • Travelling: By plane and then individual transfers e.g. organised by the diving school or the hotel.


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