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Diving in Mexico

Everything you have to know and the best Dive Sites

Mexico – a fascinating country with exquisite beaches and Central American temperament. More and more divers are drawn to Mexico, because an incredibly clear visibility under water prevails and, what is more, a lot of marine animals can be observed here. Mexico is spot-on for a longer diving safari or an extended diving holiday. Would you like to plunge into Mexico’s Caribbean or Pacific Coast? We give you some tips about diving in the neighbouring country of the USA.

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When is the best time for diving in Mexico?

Due to the high water temperature, diving in Mexico is possible all year round: With 21 to 28 degrees, it is thoroughly pleasant under water. However, there are some climatic characteristics that must be considered: From May to November, it is hurricane season in Mexico and even earthquakes are relatively frequent. Therefore you should inform yourself before diving regarding possible, extreme weather conditions in the near future. From May to September, the visibility under water is the best one – insofar this period of time is recommended if you wish to explore wreck diving or the underwater world. If you want to see some sharks or whales, then you are well-advised to go in the winter months, or as of October/November.

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The best places for diving on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Mexico offers beautiful diving sites both on the Pacific Coast and in the Mexican Caribbean. The Pacific Coast though is more appropriate for advanced divers – so if you are only beginning to dive, the Caribbean would be the better option for you. These are the diving sites that we can recommend on the Pacific Coast of Mexico:

  • Baja California: This is where to go if you wish to see large marine animals. In winter, whales can be observed here and there are playful sea lions, manta rays, turtles and sharks as well – the biodiversity of the bay can hardly be surpassed.
  • Guadalupe: Whoever wants to dive with sharks at least once should go there in September or October. It is possible to go on shark safaris and cage diving with sharks from here.
  • Puerto Vallarta: The quite touristy spot has a lot of diving schools and diving safaris that depart from here. Even underwater caves can be easily reached from here.

These are good places to dive into the Mexican Caribbean

The Mexican Caribbean is particularly lovely for diving beginners. Here you can enjoy a lot of readily accessible diving sites, among those are:

  • Cancun: A lot of diving schools can be found here in order to obtain a diving certificate. In addition, colourful reefs, a pirate hideaway (Isla Mujeres) as well as wrecks are all waiting to be discovered – you will definitely not get bored here.
  • Cozumel: At the diving hotspot discovered by Jacques Cousteau, you can acquire your first cave diving experience. Besides, there are turtles, sharks and rays to be seen.
  • Banco Chinchorro: Access to this diving site is limited – but it is worth snatching a tour there. Up to 50 ship wrecks from different epochs are supposed to be in this underwater ship graveyard!

Diving in Mexico at a glance

  • Peak tourist season: All-year-round, although different areas are particularly attractive depending on the season; from May to November is hurricane season – increased caution is called for then
  • Appropriate for: Beginners to advanced (Caribbean), advanced (Pacific)
  • Water temperature: 21 – 28 degrees all-year-round
  • Entry requirement: Uncomplicated with a passport
  • Particular diving experiences: Wreck diving, sharks and large marine animals, caves
  • Duration of trip: Due to the long journey from Europe, about 2 weeks should be planned
  • Diving equipment: Can be rented on site in most cases
  • Travelling: By plane; locally it is recommended to travel only on tourist buses and with organised group tours.


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