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ABC-Equipment for Diving

Diving Mask, Snorkel & Fins: Even for your bubble bath, the ABC-Equipment could turn out to be useful. The common expression “snorkelling gear”, often used for this, sounds a bit like a standard package. However, the three devices are quite the opposite. The more accurately they fit , the more relaxed and safer you can feel far away from the bathtub, floating through the underwater world, enjoying it, exploring and having fun.

What is the connection between ABC-Equipment and fish?

Fish are the optimised luxury creatures of the sea. The complete, three-part ABC-Equipment is an inherent part of them.

Unlike you, they also see clearly underwater.  The cornea of their eyes is flatter, their lens is spherical, adapted to their environment. As a human, the diving mask, also called pressure balance mask, serves as sight-optimiser and nose-enclosing device for the necessary pressure equalisation.

Secondly, fish do not need any air.  They can filter vital oxygen from water by means of their gills. An artificially extended respiratory system in the shape of a tube, a snorkel up to the surface of the water? Completely superfluous for them, yet essential for you. Your lungs are specialised for life on shore. They can only take oxygen from the medium called air, and not from water.  Therefore, this part of the ABC-Equipment, the snorkel, ensures the possibility for your breathing organs to gain oxygen even when briefly below the water surface and to provide it to your body.

The coronation of adaptation: Fins. By nature they practically grow on different parts of the body of fish. They are driving and stabilising elements. As a human, in order to be able to move through water as efficiently while saving efforts, you also need some sort of propeller like a surface extension of your feet:  Fins for your feet that are carefully selected, as free of pressure and friction as possible and optimally fitting, which let you be a little bit like a fish for a short while.

Why should the ABC-Equipment fit perfectly?

Whether it is for snorkelling on the water surface of a lake or diving down to the sea bottom, whether with or without compressed-air bottle, the ABC-Equipment is a diver’s essential gear. And it should be adjusted optimally to your body and its needs. Whether a hooked or snub nose, shoe size 32 or 46, whether beginner or advanced, moon face or contact lens wearer: The most important thing which guarantees you positive, unforgettable, lovely moments under water, is basic equipment that is tailored to you.

Further information, interesting details and of course some tips, tips, tips regarding the three equipment devices can be found under the keywords diving mask, snorkel, fins at the appropriate location of this unique Dive-Wiki.

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