14.02.2017 by ricardo
Oxygen Poisoning scuba diving

Even though towing when diving and towing a car are two different things, they still have something in common. For during both types of towing, a victim is brought to safety.  When diving, towing means that a diver, who cannot reach the shore on his own, is brought to safety.  Some reasons could be for example exhaustion, unconsciousness, a barotrauma or an accident under water. No matter what the reason is: It is important to demand medical treatment for the diver as soon as possible!

Towing under water

Did the diving accident happen under water? Then you should first of all bring your diving buddy to the surface of the water. If it is possible, the diver who had an accident should still comply with the necessary decompression times. Also make sure that the injured diver breathes sufficiently.

Rescue on the water surface

As soon as the ascent is tackled, you can maintain the injured person in an upright position with the help of his jacket for instance. It is important that the head remains above the surface of the water. You should remove any unnecessary ballast, such as a weight belt or even the victim’s scuba, so that you can concentrate your strength on what is most important: Namely bringing your diving buddy safely to the shore!

Now you either grab the diving equipment of the injured diver or you take him into the rescue handle, such as the one practised in swimming. In most cases it is better to pull the victim. However, if he is conscious and breathes on his own, you can also push him.

Even if your technique is not perfect: The only thing that is important is that the victim gets onshore quickly and safely and receives medical help there. So do not fear a rescue in water!

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