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Rebreather-Diving with ANDI

The diving organisation American Nitrox Divers International, ANDI for short, was founded in the United States by Ed Betts and Rutkowski, two well-known names in the diving scene. As an engineer, Betts designs and installs very special gas production and supply systems as well as pressure chambers. Rutkowski disposes of vast experience as diving coordinator and in pressure chamber training and handling. In addition, in 1987 he began his own organisation, IAND at the time, training for scuba divers, which he designated as Nitrox-Diving.

Numerous procedures and rules of the diving organisation ANDI now belong to diving standards. Ed Betts was the pioneer, who introduced technical diving and diving with rebreathers (SafeAir) globally. Moreover, he wrote quite a few instructor manuals, textbooks and scientific papers for various diving courses.

Today there are countless training establishments worldwide, e.g. Europe, Asia and South America. Currently, ANDI is a model for high quality training. Safety is the top priority. Great importance has always been given to optimised training materials, training standards and customer support.


All courses convey both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The diving students practise in swimming pools or water bodies. The scuba diving trainees acquire theory mainly autonomously. Feedback with the diving instructor is possible at all times. Furthermore, theoretical modules complement the practical training. A successfully completed course is rewarded with a so-called Diver Certification.

The Portfolio

ANDI conveys constructive knowledge. The course participants have already acquired certifications and obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in technical diving. Extensive training is enabled through the following courses:

  • Mixed-gas deep dives at depths of up to 100 m (with travel, bottom and decompression gases)
  • Dives with little narcosis effect at a depth of up to 50 m
  • Diving with different diving gases up to 40 m deep
  • Courses for TSD divers with experience in technical nitrox diving as well as mixed gas dives with air
  • Nitrox, bottom and decompression gases for depths of up to 50 m

The Courses

ANDI Trimix Diver Course (Level 5)

This course is about the highest level of technical diving. The training course qualifies the participants for the execution of autonomous mixed-gas deep dives, which can go up to 100 m deep. Travel, bottom and decompression gases are used here.

ANDI Technical Trimix Diver (Level 3)

The dives in this course are performed with little narcosis effect. This is also a subject of the training course, at the end of which all participants are qualified to plan and execute autonomous dives.

ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver (Level 3)

At the end of this course, the planning and execution of autonomous dives is present as well. Up to three different diving gases are used, so that diving time can be extended with the help of a planned decompression. With compression time of up to 30 minutes, this can go to a depth of 40 m.

ANDI Technical Divemaster (Level 3)

The participants of this course must already be TSD divers and already have acquired plenty of experience in technical nitrox diving. Also, theoretical knowledge should be present as well. The objective of the course is the particular suitability as group leader.

The ANDI Training-System.

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