Putting on the Equipment

14.02.2017 by ricardo

Actually it is quite easy: Put on the equipment and start diving! However, whoever has some diving experience knows: Actually it is not that simple. The general rule is: Put on your equipment as close to water as possible, so that you do not have to remain in it too long above the surface of the water. Before putting on the equipment, it is important to verify its functions.

Verifying the equipment for snorkelling

Putting on the equipment for snorkelling is significantly easier than for scuba diving. You first put on your diving suit and weight belt, then the mask and the snorkel. Then you go into the water carefully and put on the fins (provided that the current allows it). If the current is too strong, you already put on your fins on shore.

Putting on the equipment for scuba diving

For scuba diving, before putting on the equipment it is important to verify the diving bottle and the special items of equipment carefully. To do so, you should particularly pay attention to the following:

  • Open the valve of the diving bottle lightly and close it again. While the air escapes, the pressure gauge must sink.
  • Do the buoyancy jacket and weight belt work impeccably?

Now you can put on the equipment: To do so, you first put on the diving suit. Next the weight belt follows if you use one. Then you can slip over the buoyancy jacket as well as the compressed air cylinder. Important: Open the valve on the cylinder beforehand! Finally you put on the remaining items or equipment such as snorkel, mask and fins.

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