Ascent Speed

14.02.2017 by ricardo

When emerging, the ascent speed is particularly important. Because the correct decompression is ensured by it: If a diver emerges too quickly, the possibility of a barotraumas or other diving accidents exists. For this reason you should always make sure that your ascent speed is not too high.

This is measured in metres per minutes (m/min). A maximum speed of around 7 metres per minute is valid as a reference value. This speed though should only be reached in case of emergency, for example when the air is scarce. About 3 to 4 metres per minute is recommendable. Hence the decompression can take place slowly and in a controlled manner.

How can I measure my ascent speed when emerging?

Modern diving computers have a function to measure speed and warn you when you exceed the reference values. Even when it is not widely spread anymore: If you dive with decompression tables, you should make extra sure to comply exactly with the lower limits, in order not to take any risks.

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