BSAC First Class Diver

17.01.2017 by ricardo
BSAC First Class Diver

BSAC First Class Diver

The course qualifying as BSAC First Class Diver makes it possible to develop your own skills even more. To pass it, optimal skills are expected in doing so.  Since 1953, only 932 participants have managed to actually pass the course.

  • Procedure: The course consists of three modules. First there is the module regarding theoretical knowledge, the expedition plan as well as the practical execution, which takes up two days by itself.
  • Requirements: 100 verifiable dives with the qualification of an Advanced Diver must have been carried out. 20 of those must have shown that diving above 30m is possible. Besides that, other requirements are the BSAC Chartwork and Position Fixing Course or its equivalent, the BSAC Diver Rescue specialist qualification as well as the BSAC Diver Coxwain qualification.
  • Minimum age: not specified

BSAC Training-System

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