BSAC Ocean Diver

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BSAC Ocean Diver

The BSAC Ocean Diver is the Entry-Level Diving Course of the Diving Organization BSAC. It’s designed for absolute diving beginners. Therefore prior knowledge is not necessary, everything is conveyed in the learning units. The modules are taught in the protected area of a swimming pool or a restricted area in open water. Objective of the course is to lay the foundations for more advanced courses in a qualified and confidence-building manner. The maximum diving depth is at 20 m here.

Theoretical and practical course contents of the BSAC Ocean Diver

The course lasts at least five days. Depending on the weather and the progress of the individual participant, it can also be prolonged. Theoretical and practical modules are imparted.


The minimum age for registration is 12 years. Participants must merely prove that they are able to swim 200m in bathing clothes.

The learning contents

The BSAC Ocean Diver Course is made up of three main phases:

  1. Basic diving theory.
  2. Five limited dives in a restricted area of a swimming pool, in order to put into practice the basics learned.
  3. Five dives in open water, in order to develop the acquired diving skills further.

Only bathing clothes and a towel are required. The diving equipment is provided, although the Ocean Diver trainees are welcome to bring their own diving goggles and snorkel. Whoever wishes to, can use a diving suit for the diving units as well.

The training units could be organised as follows:

Day 1

The course participants receive their learning material and everything that belongs to it: Qualification card, qualification record book, A5-binder with student diver notes. This is followed by an introduction to the world of diving. On this day, mainly theoretical knowledge base is imparted. At the end of the learning unit, the participants go to the swimming pool in order to make their first practical experiences and to look forward to the next day.

Day 2 and 3

The alumni of the Ocean Diver Course summarise the theoretical contents and practise their practicality. By doing so, all participants discover their weaknesses and strengths quickly. The mutual support of the group eradicates potential weaknesses quickly.

Day 4 and 5

The safe area of the swimming pool is then left behind. Five dives ensure the implementation of the learning units in open water, so that in the end all diving students are capable of performing simple snorkel dives, which are certainly suitable for the holidays.

Targets of the course

As trained BSAC Ocean Diver, the participants have acquired a variety of skills. The diving skills have become second nature to the participants.  In the course contents possible dangers and their prevention were intensively discussed. Rescue measures as well were taught. The graduates are now able to execute snorkel dives autonomously and have developed a good intuition of potential dangers, so that perhaps they can freely plan their next snorkelling holiday.

At the end of the course …

… Participants of the BSAC Ocean Diver training course are qualified to

  • dive to depths of 20 m.
  • take part in the follow-up BSAC Sports Diver.
  • identify potential dangers.
  • perform accident assistance.
  • attend further Skill Development Courses (SDC) and develop their specific skills, such as e.g. handling of boats, chart and position consolidation, compressor operation, UK diving, Coxwain diver, dry-diving training, buoyancy and trim, first aid for divers, lifesaver, outboard motor and maintenance as well as oxygen training.

At the end, there is the diving certification (Brevet).


The BSAC Training-System

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