BSAC Sports Diver

17.01.2017 by ricardo
BSAC Sports Diver

In the BSAC Sports Diver course, the main taught disciplines are rescue, nitrox, decompression and navigation diving. During the course, there is a depth limit of 20m, which can be increased step by step up to 35m after qualification.

More information on the BSAC Sports Diver course

  • Procedure: The course is particularly diversified. There are four different areas where participants can gather experience. These include rescue diving, nitrox diving, decompression diving and navigation diving.
  • Requirements: The successful completion of the BSAC Ocean Diver Course
  • Minimum age: 12 Years
  • ISO-Certification: Nitrox Diver in accordance with ISO 11107

The BSAC Training-System.

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