Buddy System

29.03.2017 by ricardo
buddy system scuba diving

Buddy? Buddy! – Buddy System

You do not have to marry him. Nor smooch him. No problem whether he prefers drinking coffee instead of Coke or eating Jerusalem artichokes instead of a T-bone steak. You are not together, because one of you cannot dress on his own, likes to hold hands, is chronically forgetful, suffers from loneliness or has the top grade in maths.

You are buddies: Temporary diving partners.


When diving with a compressed air bottle, safety-dream-duos are in. Risky-dumb-soloists are completely out!

Therefore, dust off your brain, prepare a storage location, and embody the mnemonic: Never alone! Two words, one implementation: The Buddy System. Once it is planted into your long-term memory, you have already assimilated the main rule 1 of diving with a compressed air bottle.*

DDD then – Divers dive in duos. On the lookout, ready, go! Optimally your prospective buddy has similar interests, diving skills and competences as you.  And you both pursue the same objective:  Reducing accident probability and ensuring survival in case of emergency.

What does the Buddy System entail?

  • Before the dive:
    • gathering the equipment together
    • planning the dive (Briefing) including an outline of the diving site, discussing possible dangers (currents etc.), agreeing upon the depth, the direction, the duration of the dive, embarking and disembarking methods, additional communication signals and behaviour in case of emergency
    • mutual aid when assembling and putting on the equipment
    • mutual checking of the equipment with regards to integrity, faultless functioning and securing correctly all components, the so-called Buddy-Check
    • going into water together.
  • During the dive:
    • careful observation of the diving partner
    • assistance in problem or emergency situations (cramps, injuries, getting caught in obstacles, calming down in situations of anxiety, giving breathing air in case of air supply failure by means of octopus or buddy breathing, reacting to symptoms of the rapture of the deep, safe accompaniment to the surface of water)
    • checking the diving depth, diving time, air supplies
    • surfacing and leaving the water together
  • After the dive:
    • helping to take off the equipment
    • dive de-briefing
    • filling out the logbook, mutual confirmation of the dive with signature.

And then? As you wish! Feel like having coffee, Coke, Jerusalem artichoke or a T-bone steak together? Rave about huge schools of fish, submerge yourselves in diving impressions and dream of new water fantasy worlds? Yes!

* Main rule 2 when diving with compressed air:  Never hold your breath!

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