20.12.2016 by ricardo
neutral buoyancy scuba diving

The Buoyancy is what you always wish to attain when diving. Because only in this state can you move without too much effort under water.

What denotes buoyancy compensation?

This is produced, when your upthrust corresponds to your downthrust. Thus you seem to be floating in water. This only happens when your body weight including the gear corresponds exactly to the quantity of displaced water (Archimedean Principle). Since breathing alone does not suffice in order to produce neutrality of a body of water, you use a so-called compensation jacket. Depending on the desired upthrust, you can fill it with air via your inflator or release some air. In order to increase the downthrust, for example to descend faster, you can use a weight belt.

Before every dive, you should perform a so-called compensation trial, in order to know how much lead you must take with you.

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