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The CMAS* (also called “one star”) Course includes the consolidation of own knowledge and development of further skills, such as diving under complicated conditions.

Brief Description of CMAS*

The content includes both the consolidation of present knowledge as well as the development of further skills, such as diving in complicated conditions.

    • Procedure: The course comprises the Open Water Diver as well as a dive in complicated conditions, exercises in confined open water and in open water and additional inspection without diving gear.
    • Requirements: Completion of Basic Diver
    • Minimum age: 14 years
    • ISO-Certification: Independent Diveraccording to ISO 24801-2:2007 and EN 14153-2:2003
    • The diving certificate corresponds to the Bronze Badge of the VDST.


To participate, a minimum age of 14 years is required. For minors, a parents’ declaration of consent is necessary. Also a valid Medical Certificate of Diving Fitness must be presented. It cannot be older than 2 years, for participants over 40 this cannot be older than 1 year.

Course Content

During the training course, necessary theoretical and practical contents are conveyed with the goal to be able to carry out dives independently and safely in a group.

Theoretical Part (6 Lessons)

The theoretical part covers all the important physical and physiological basics for recreational diving. In addition, the students are familiarised with the rules that must be complied with during a dive.

Practical Part of CMAS*

Exercises with ABC Equipment

    • 30 seconds time diving while constantly changing location (ca. 10 m)
    • 25/20 m distance diving with/without neoprene suit
    • Deep diving three times at 2 to 5 m in the period of time of one minute
    • 20 minutes of time snorkelling while overcoming a 500 m distance; thereof 5 min. each in prone, lateral and supine position as well as with fins
    • 50 m snorkelling to a scuba diver who is situated at the depth of 2 to 5 m
    • Transporting the scuba diver up to the surface of the water, as well as for 50 m on the surface of the water
    • Two different jumps into the water from a height of 0.50 m with complete diving gear

Usually during the course there are four to five open water dives, in order to be able to apply the skills learned in the pool practically and in real conditions.

  • Dive 1: 6 – 15 metres deep (min. duration of 15 minutes)

    • Taking off, putting on again and clearing the water in the diving mask at a depth of 5 metres
    • Recovering the removed regulator
    • Taking off and caring for the equipment after a dive
    • Putting on the complete gear and checking it before a dive

    Dive 2: 6 – 15 metres deep (min. duration of 15 minutes)

    • Compensating via the inflator at 3 different diving depths
    • Giving and reacting to 5 different hand signals underwater
    • Taking off the regulator at maximum distance of 5 metres from the buddy, diving to the partner and continuing the dive for 5 additional minutes while using his alternative air supply (Octopus)

    Dive 3: 6 – 15 metres deep (min. duration 15 minutes)

    • Controlled ascent with indicated air sharing
    • Transporting an “unconscious” diving partner to the surface of the water up to the shore or into a boat
    • Demonstration of First Aid measures (stable lateral position / shock position)
    • Enumerating further steps of the chain of survival

    Dive 4: 6 – 15 metres deep (min. duration 15 minutes)

    • Controlled ascent from a maximum depth of 10 metres with a safety stop of one minute at 3 metres.
    • 10 minutes snorkelling in complete diving gear

    Dive 5 (optional) with a duration of at least 15 minutes

    • Dive under complicated conditions

    For example deep diving (15 – 25 metres), night diving, current diving

    After completion of the course, the graduates receive their diving licence. They are now able to participate in guided dives worldwide.

    The CMAS* training course is the requirement for an advanced course. At CMAS, this would be the CMAS Diver** (2 Stars). With the mentioned ISO-Certification, it is also possible though, to continue the training with another diving organisation.

The CMAS Training-System.

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