CMAS*** (3 Stars)

17.01.2017 by ricardo
cmas certifications

The successfully completed CMAS*** (also called “CMAS three star”) course entitles someone to carry out self-dependent dives as well and to accompany inexperienced divers. Therefore, the focus is on the leadership of groups as well as the organisation of dives. The depth limit is at 40m.

More information on the CMAS***

  • Procedure: Theory revision with subsequent practice, which consists of five dives. Every dive has a different basic task.
  • Requirements: CMAS** diving certificate or equivalent, medical statement offitness for diving, proof of 65 dives, 10 of the dives at depths of at least 28 metres in fresh water and 38 metres in salt water.
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • ISO-Certification: Dive Leader in accordance with ISO 24801-3:2007 and EN 14153-3:2003

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