23.02.2017 by ricardo
compass for scuba diving

A compass serves to determine the cardinal points and therefore the orientation. In navigation nowadays, GPS systems are mostly used and a compass is only an emergency option aboard. For diving though, compasses are still an important piece of equipment – because under water the GPS signal cannot penetrate.

What do you need a compass for under water?

Under water this is actually one of the few options to orient yourself. Often due to the diminished visual range under water, you can only orient yourself with prominent points in a restricted manner. Of course the sun and the stars as fixed points cannot be seen either under water – so only the traditional variants remain.

However, you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing an appropriate instrument:

  • The case should be watertight in any case and be able to withstand high pressure.
  • In addition, it should be scratch and impact resistant, because it can definitely be damaged under water.

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