Compressed Air

08.03.2017 by ricardo
compressed air cylinders

The normal ambient pressure amounts to about 1 bar. Air, which has a higher pressure, is called compressed air. When diving, it is often used in the compressed air cylinders. We will explain to you how this air is produced and what you should pay attention to when diving.

How is compressed air produced?

The most common ways to increase the pressure of the air are heating, volume change and mass change.

  • The pressure of gases increases naturally when they are heated. This is why it can be dangerous to leave your diving tank standing in the sun. Thus you cannot monitor anymore how high the pressure really is inside.
  • The volume of the air can be changed by means of a compressor. It presses the air together to the extent that its pressure increases.
  • Mass change occurs when the air in a small space is pressed, e.g. in a diving tank.

In practice, a mixture of volume and mass takes place. The special compressed air cylinders are filled up with a compressor, so that the air is mechanically pressed together as well as compressed further in the cylinder.

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