23.02.2017 by ricardo

A compressor is a technical device, more precisely it is a compressor for gases. You fill up your compressed air cylinder with it while diving.

Because your diving tank is not delivered already filled up, but has to be refilled anew for every dive. This is what a compressor is for. It removes air humidity and harmful substances, so that the cylinder only contains pure air. In addition, the air is compressed, so pressed together, so that a larger quantity can fit in the cylinder.

What should you pay attention to with the compressor of the diving school?

The compressor does not use special air for filling, but rather simply its ambient air. For this reason it is particularly important that it is free from harmful environmental influences. For example, if there are exhaust gases in the air near it, then these pollutants get into your tank. Despite the filter for pollutants mentioned, it cannot be excluded that still part of them will seep in. If you want to play safe, then before your first dive at an unknown diving school, have them show you where the compressed air cylinders are filled. Particularly on diving boats it can sometimes happen that the exhaust gases of the boat are released close to the compressor.

When verifying your equipment before a dive, you verify the smell of the air in your cylinder with the help of the free flow of your regulator. Usually it smells neutral. Should you notice something unusual here, then do not hesitate and speak to an employee of the diving school!

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