Decompression Chamber

16.02.2017 by ricardo
decompression chamber to treat decompression sickness and diving creeps

A decompression chamber is, as the name already says, a room where different ambient pressures can be simulated. Thereby, the room is connected to a ventilation system for sufficient oxygen. In addition, the ambient pressure can be monitored via compressors or pumps as desired. By doing so, different pressure environments can be simulated.

What do you need a decompression chamber for?

Above all, this chamber is needed to treat a decompression sickness: If there is reason to suspect that a diver ascended too quickly and that he has suffered damages from insufficient pressure compensation, he is put into this chamber. Here the same pressure as the one underwater prevails. Thus the symptoms should diminish or even disappear completely. Afterwards, the doctor reduces the pressure slowly back to a normal level. By doing so, the diver can get used to the normal ambient pressure again and the body dissipates the gases that were released in the blood.

This treatment can last for several hours – thereby it is important that a doctor looks after the diver permanently. The diver must still remain under observation for a few hours after the end of the treatment as well.


Before your dive, please make sure that you know where the nearest decompression chamber is located in your vicinity!

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