Diving Equipment

12.01.2017 by ricardo

A good diving equipment doesn’t have to be extensive. As a rule, you first start with ABC equipment and a regulator for scuba diving. Depending on your level of experience and the bodies of water that you dive in you can acquire additional pieces of equipment. There is no upper limit…

What belongs to the ABC equipment?

Fins, a mask as well as a snorkel belong to it.  Thus you can snorkel in shallow depth, see under water and move relatively fast in water.

What do I still additionally need for scuba diving?

In addition to the ABC equipment, you should still get the following or rent this on site:

Before every dive, you should thoroughly verify the functionality of your diving gear. Just as important: After every dive, you should dry the equipment carefully, take care of it and store it safely. Thus your diving gear will give you long-lasting pleasure!

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