Drift Diving

15.03.2017 by ricardo
drift diving in a current / Strömungstauchen

As the name already says, drift diving is diving in strongly drifting bodies of water. This discipline belongs to the extreme dives (such as apnoea diving, altitude diving among others).  This is why you need particularly good preparation if you plan to do such a dive. Among others, you must inform yourself extensively about the flow conditions.  Also, you should organise possible outside help to leave the body of water. This is extremly helpful, when the drift is too strong to be able to ascend on your own.

How does drift diving work?

As a rule you get into the body of water from a boat (e.g. by using the roll method to enter the water). You dive directly into the direction of the current and the accompanying boat stays the whole time near you and your diving buddy. If necessary, it can pick you up quickly. Why do you and your buddy not drift apart, you ask? The answer is simple: For such a dive, you are secured with a rope.

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