Dry Suit

22.03.2017 by ricardo
dry suit scuba diving

A dry suit prevents your body from being in contact with water. This is particularly important if you dive in cold or polluted bodies of water. Thereby, the diving suit creates an insulating air layer between your skin and the water. Special cuffs and a water-proof zipper prevent water from seeping in. The diving suit is mostly made of latex or neoprene:

  • Neoprene insulates better, therefore it is more appropriate for cold bodies of water.
  • If you dive into polluted bodies of water such as in an inner harbour, you should rather chose latex, because this is more resistant.

What should I keep in mind when diving with a dry suit?

When descending, the air layer between the skin and the suit is compressed due to the increased pressure. This is why the suit has an inflator, which pumps filling gas into the suit. When ascending, this gas must be released from the suit, or else you will float uncontrollably upwards.

How can I learn to dive with a dry suit?

Since this form of diving requires special training, a lot of diving organisations offer a specialty course on this topic. In this course your diving instructor will impart what has to be paid attention to in particular.

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