Frenzel Method

21.02.2017 by ricardo
scuba diving equalization using Valsalva or Toynbee method

In order to avoid a barotrauma by means of pressure compensation, you can use the so-called Frenzel method.  This is a method to carry out the active pressure compensation in the inner ear during a dive.

Divers should already learn the method according to Frenzel during basic training.

How does the Frenzel method work?

You keep your nose shut and you make the “K” sound with your mouth closed. By doing so, the vocal chords close the trachea and the tongue presses the air of the oral cavity backwards. Thus air reaches the inner ear, whereby the pressure compensation can take place better there.

Important to know: The Frenzel Method only works for pressure compensation if you use it in time and if the pressure difference is not too big. If you fail to use this method, the risk of a barotrauma increases

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