Full-Foot Fins

17.12.2016 by ricardo
full foot fins scuba diving

Put them on barefoot, ready. An easy-slip-in dream with an almost completely closed foot part, only opened in the toe area, for warmer bodies of water. These are Full-Foot Fins (also known as Foot part fins, snorkelling fins, swimming pool fins).

Pros and Cons of Full-Foot Fins

What does this fin not offer? Extensive flexiblity insofar as the field of activity is concerned, because thermal insulation is quite different! At the front water flows in continuously, and between the wetsuit and the foot part of the fin, the skin is exposed. Thin, thermal insulating neoprene socks, which you already put on when trial fitting the full foot fins could help. However, if you wish to wear this closed type of fins at a later point in time, they will possibly be too loose.  Full foot fins are not adjustable, unlike Open-Heel Fins.

Their fin blades though – just like their opened heel counterparts, the Open-Heel Fins – are available in different shapes and degrees of hardness.

And how do you reach water by walking over hot, sandy, stony or rocky ground with these closed full fins?  Shuffling backwards is a possibility to cover the distance. Without a doubt, elegance is something different. Little stones, which can catapult themselves into the barefoot area of the fin while marching can become a chafing factor later. If you have to climb over rocky ground, the undertaking will become risky and slippery. In this case, barefoot means without protection. How about bathing shoes with a small backstrap in the heel area or appropritate flip-flops? Both can be hung by means of snap hooks onto a hip belt later on in the water.

As suggested under the heading Fins here in the glossary. If you do not wish to break away from selected, super comfortable full feet fins even at home. If you spend every free minute fine-tuning your fin technique in your bathtub at home and watch ocean documentaries on YouTube in the evenings… Then you have selected the right foot part fins for sure!

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