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International Diving Association (IDA) – The Organisation

The International Diving Association, IDA for short, is an internationally operating diving association, which is based in Schwentinental. It was founded in 1996. The idea at the time was to unite a combination of the current diving developments and standards with the American training philosophy. Moreover, the IDA is connected with the CMAS Germany. In addition, it is a member of the Internationale Tauchlehrerakademie e.V. (International Diving Instructor Academy Association) and on the Recreational Scuba Training Council Europe, RSTC Europe for short.

IDA is a type of association which trains diving instructors as well as scuba divers.  Moreover, there are diving instructor and crossover examinations held by IDA several times a year.  In the meantime, IDA has a large number of agencies abroad. Among them, there are agencies in Bulgaria and in the Dominican Republic, in Indonesia as well as Austria, Spain, Thailand and also in Poland.

The diving training offered is based on the standards of CMAS.  In addition, IDA offers numerous intermediate levels and special courses.

Courses offered by the International Diving Association (IDA)

Introductory Courses

  • Flipper 1
  • Flipper 2
  • Skin Diver 1
  • Skin Diver 2

Beginners’ Courses

  • Junior Open Water Diver
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Basic Diving Certificate
  • Basic Diver (Supervised Diver in accordance with ISO 24801-1)

Open Water Diver

During the Open Water Diver course from IDA, the theoretical and practical basics for the participation in guided dives are conveyed.

  • Procedure: The first fundamentals are given in the theory training, which deal with first aid as well as devices among other things. This is followed by water acclimatisation exercises and four open water dives.
  • Requirements: A valid medical examination for diving fitness must be certified
  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • ISO-Certification: Corresponds to the Autonomous Diver in accordance with ISO 24801-2


  • IDA*

 Advanced Courses

Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water Diver is a course for advanced learners who want a basis in order to be able to carry out dives with divers at the same level.

  • Procedure: The course consists of five open water dives as well as theory training and in doing so it conveys knowledge that can be built upon for the advanced course.
  • Requirements: The training level IDA OWD or an equivalent level must be certified. A valid medical examination for diving fitness must also be presented before the course.
  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • ISO-Certification: /


  • IDA**
  • Master Diver
  • IDA*** (Dive Leader in accordance with ISO 24801-3)
  • IDA****


Special Courses

  • Apnoea
  • Side-Mount
  • Side-Mount Rebreather
  • Nitrox
  • RC pool Diver
  • Gas blender
  • RC Fiver
  • Triox
  • RC Dive companion
  • Trimix
  • Orientation while diving
  • Medicine practice
  • Cave diving
  • Group leadership
  • UW-Photography
  • Diving safety and rescue
  • O2-Kurs
  • Marine biology
  • Night diving
  • CPR Course
  • Fresh water biology
  • Dry-suit diving
  • Technology
  • Seamanship
  • Current diving
  • Ice diving
  • Cold water diving
  • Wreck diving
  • Deep diving
  • UW-Scooter
  • Scuba diving in sea caves
  • Mountain lake diving
  • Decompression

Professional Sector

  • Dive Guide
  • IDA Diving Instructor* – ***
  • Diving Instructor Assistant
  • IDA Course Director TL****
  • IDA Instructor Examiner
  • Apnoea Diving Instructor
  • Trimix Diving Instructor
  • Apnoea as well as Trimex Diving Instructor Examiner
  • Side Mount Diving Instructor
  • Nitrox Diving Instructor Examiner
  • Triox Diving Instructor
  • RC Diving Instructor
  • RC Diving Instructor Trainer
  • Rebreather Diving Instructor

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