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Jacket (Buoyancy Compensator (BC), Buoyancy Control Device (BCD))

“1971 – a jolt went through your underwater world. People are easily hovering past your gills for the first time. An important break: While you have been the experts for cunning effortless buoyancy, bizarrely equipped country creatures are suddenly emerging with tight, inflatable, backpack-like, wear-resistant jackets, which finally allow them to do something that generations of humans have dreamt of: Hover! Staying in a permanent state between rising and falling! Changing the position of one’s body in a controlled, precise, and effortless manner!

You have been benefiting from proven features for maintaining a constant height above ground for millions of years. You have by no means found a uniform technical solution: Numerous bony fish have been able to score swimming bladders on the evolutionary sales rack. Cartilaginous fish successfully solved the difficult puzzle of a lighter body structure or fat storage (lunar fish). Still others preferred generating buoyancy through constant swimming movements (sharks). Our solution was only discovered by a smart tinkerer a few decades ago and the four jacket types are not worthy of any design awards either (Distinction: 1. according to the placement of the buoyancy body (volume 15 to 45 l) which can be individually filled with compressed air for the purpose of buoyancy, 2. according to stability characteristics at the water surface). Sorry, but our non-Armani waistcoats also combine more than just the functions of a buoyancy vest.

Features of the jacket

These jackets are made of resistant materials (nylon, cordura, kevlarm mixtures) and sport

  1. an integrated support tray (fixed compressed air bottle including accessories), as well as hooks, eyelets, D-rings for the secure fastening of various equipment items such as a diving torch, underwater camera, octopus, and bags (e.g., for a foldable snorkel).
  2. inflator connections (for inflating the jacket with air from the compressed air bottle), pressure relief valve, quick release, mouth blowing device.
  3. integrated sling pockets (placement of weights) including quick ejection system for quick emergency ejection, and they also serve
  4. as a swimming aid and for resting on the water surface (no life jacket).

Multitalented, right? A vest with backpacker features! Whether it’s a hybrid, wing, stabiliser or ADV jacket.

Dear fish, please forgive our unsightly artificial swimming bladder simulation of your biological premium equipment. Underwater, you are looking a thousand times better than us humans with our bulky vests full of dangling hooks, eyelets, and ugly tubing. Above water, some of us wear Armani.”

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