Medical Diving Ability

21.03.2017 by ricardo
divers with diving masks showing ok sign

Before you dive for the first time, your medical diving ability must be examined. This is important in order to exclude any health risks. A doctor examines the following points among others:

  • The cardiovascular system is particularly exposed to stress. This is why your heart function and your lung volume are checked.
  • Certain allergies can make diving impossible for you, for example when mucous membranes swell up. Then pressure compensation cannot take place correctly anymore, what can be very dangerous.
  • So that you can safely go diving, your equilibrium sense must function well. This is why you may not go diving when you are dizzy.
  • Your teeth should also be well-groomed and all fillings must be firm. Or else a barotrauma is on the verge.

How often does the medical diving ability have to be examined?

After the first examination, you get the corresponding certificate. However, the medical diving ability can change, for example due to age, accidents or severe illnesses. For this reason, as a recreational diver you must have a check-up every two years. Professional divers even have to go through this on a yearly basis.

Without the corresponding certificate about your medical diving ability, you are not allowed to take a diving exam or dive at most diving spots.

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