Micro Bubbles

03.03.2017 by ricardo
safety stop

Micro Bubbles are tiny gas bubbles in a liquid or a solid matter. When diving, these are significant in two ways, namely on one hand for decompression and on the other hand for the insulation material of your diving suit.

Micro bubbles during decompression

Due to the risen pressure under water, gases from the breathing air are released into your body during the dive. When you ascent again, these change back into gas and you breathe them out e.g. through the lungs. When gases change their state from liquid into gas, tiny bubbles are created. What is dangerous about that: If these bubbles settle in narrow blood vessels for example or in the nerves, they can cause decompression sickness. Insofar you should always make sure to ascend by making sufficient deco stops and a safety stop.

Micro bubbles in neoprene

Yet not all tiny gas bubbles are dangerous: In neoprene, that material that a lot of diving suits are made of, they ensure a particularly good insulation. Thus you can also dive at great depths and cold bodies of water and still stay warm.

The picture shows divers during a safety stop on the anchor rope at the end of their dive.

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