03.03.2017 by ricardo

The mouthpiece, as the name says, is held in your mouth and you breathe through it when diving. You will find one on your regulator and octopus, as well as on your inflator.

Mouthpiece on the regulator

If you have already snorkelled once, then you will know this little fixture at the front of your snorkel. The mouthpiece of your regulator is similarly built on. So that it does not fall out of your mouth, it has so-called “bite tabs”, so little wings. With the lips, you firmly enclose it so that no water can get into your mouth.

Buoyancy control device

Normally you inflate your buoyancy compensation jacket with the inflator and consequently with the air from your compressed air cylinder. However, if you wish to save air or do not have enough left, you can also inflate your jacket with your mouth. To do so, there is a mouthpiece at the end of the inflator tube. Your diving instructor will teach you how this works manually, among others, within the frame of your beginners’ diving course.

What about hygiene?

After every dive, the entire equipment is usually washed in a fresh water bath with some soap. Should you still worry regarding the cleanliness of your mouthpiece, in the meantime there is the possibility to take your own with you on your trip and to exchange it for the one given to you on site.


Before every dive, check whether your mouthpiece is damaged. If a “wing” tears off during the dive, it will be difficult to keep the regulator in the mouth. In this case you could only use your alternative air supply. This one though would not be available anymore for its actual purpose in case of emergency.

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