Open-Heel Fins

17.12.2016 by ricardo
open heal fins scuba diving

Open-heel fins (also known as open fins, diving fins, heel-strap fins) are the slipper of the fin scene! They are appreciated by scuba divers due to their opening at the back of the foot area. This facilitates putting them on and taking them off, above all they are loved as a fitting talent. A flexible heel strap fixes this fin individually and always optimally onto your foot. Regardless of whether you are wearing 6.5 mm thick Dive Boots suitable for the North Sea with strong grip soles. They are also fit for wearing only thin neoprene socks adapted to the South Seas. Or a combination of both boots and socks, making you almost fit for the Arctic.

Different versions of Open-Heel Fins

Heel straps on open-heel fins can be found in adjustable versions of rubber with simple clasps or fasteners for an easy one-handed operation. Alternatively there are some stainless-steel spring straps or so-called bungee straps, both of those do not need to be adjusted due to their tensile material, enabling putting them on rapidly and offering good wear comfort for many divers.

Open-heel fins are never worn barefoot, but always with Dive Boots and the like. They warrant the necessary thermal insulation with dropping tempatures in great diving depths and protect from injuries on sharp edges or peaks during the dive or during an eventually necessary walking or climbing distance without fins up to the embarkation point in water.

Open-heel fins are – just like Full-Foot Fins – available in different shapes and degrees of hardness of the fin blade.

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