Purge Button

03.03.2017 by ricardo
free flow on regulator

You need the so-called purge button above all in order to “clear” your regulator. This means in order to free it from water. Concretely this works as such:   You press the membrane in the form of a button on the front side of your regulator (see image). By doing so, the air that influxes presses the water that seeped in out of it.

Water seeps in for instance when you lose the regulator or when you take it out of your mouth for a certain reason (what you should never do as a beginner of course!).

What is to be observed when using the purge button?

Careful: If you use it, you will naturally consume some air out of your compressed air cylinder! Be sure then, that you have enough air at your disposal for the rest of your dive.

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