Rapture of the Deep

22.03.2017 by ricardo
rapture of the deep

The Rapture of the Deep actually has similar symptoms to an alcohol intoxication. When you suffer from it, you are suddenly euphoric, your intellectual and concentration capacity is disturbed and your movements are uncontrolled.

How does the rapture of the deep occur?

The causes are still not quite clear up to now. It is very likely that inert gases are responsible, which are released in your body due to the high pressure.  These influence your nerves and cause the rapture. Nitrogen can also cause this rapture.

Alcohol intake, hard work or taking medication before a dive increase the probability of a rapture of the deep.

How does the rapture of the deep appear?

As of a diving depth of 30 metres, the risk rises and it escalates with increasing depth.  The tricky thing is that you rarely notice the rapture yourself. You simply feel euphoric and often overestimate yourself. Later, hallucinations and short memory failures can arise. In extreme cases, a diving accident can happen due to this behaviour.

What should I do in such a case?

If you notice the symptoms mentioned on your diving buddy, you should abort the dive immediately and take him to the surface. In most cases, the rapture subsides quickly. Should more symptoms develop, then please consult a doctor right away.

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