Roll (Water Entry)

09.03.2017 by ricardo
Roll Water Entry Scuba Diving

A roll is a possibility to get into water as a diver. This possibility is often used when you descend from a boat or low quays.

How does the roll work?

  • Place yourself with the back to the water on the side of the boat or the quay.
  • Hold on tight to your mask and the weight belt.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles in the water below you.
  • Let yourself fall backwards into water.

Another type of roll is used when diving with a dry suit: Here you must turn on your own axis once under water after diving in, so that the air from the legs is distributed into the whole diving suit. This movement is very difficult though and therefore you should practise it several times before using it. Otherwise it may happen, that you are pulled to the surface of the water due to the unevenly distributed air.

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