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20.12.2016 by ricardo
diving instructor with student practicing water nose reflex

In general the term Try Dive stands for an introductory scuba diving experience. There is no need for any prior knowledge in this field to get a first glimpse into our fabulous underwater world. Most of the diving organizations offer a course, which usually takes about a couple of hours. The International Organization for Standardization (short ISO) defines a norm for those kind of courses, which is held under the ISO-number: 11121:2009. The guideline specifies minimum program content requirements for introductory scuba experiences in recreational scuba diving.

It applies to courses where participants are taken into an open water environment. Therefore it does not apply to those that only take place in a confined water environment (e.g. swimming pools). Divers are taught only what is required of them to experience scuba diving under direct supervision of a dive professional. The introductory program does not end with a certification. However it is still possible to continue the acquired skills in an Entry-Level Diving Course where you receive your personal diver certification at the end.

ISO certified Try Dive courses

Following is a list of every ISO-certified Try Dive course available (January 2017):

  • ANDI – ANDI Introductory SCUBA Experience
  • IAHD – IAHD Scuba Dive Introduction
  • IDEA – IDEA Introductory Scuba
  • ISDA – Discover Scuba Diver
  • NAUI – NAUI Tandem Diver
  • PADI – Discover Scuba Diving
  • PDA – Introductory Dive
  • RAID – Try Scuba Diving
  • SSI – Try Scuba Diving
  • VDTL – VDTL Holiday Brevet
  • WOSD – WOSD Scuba Dive Introduction

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