14.03.2017 by ricardo
underwater scooter

A Scooter is an underwater vehicle. It pulls you under water when diving or snorkelling like a boat from A to B. However, it is not to be mistaken with a submarine. Because contrary to its “big brother”, with the scooter you are not protected from the ambient pressure by a cabin. Instead, you hang onto the vehicle and must still breathe through your regulator.

How does a scooter function?

In most cases it is powered by an electric engine and a propeller. In rare cases, it is also driven via compressed air and a so-called accumulator. The device costs more or less the same as your beginners’ diving equipment, so ca. 1,500 to 2,000 EUR, depending on which model you wish to have. It is particularly valuable when you want to cover longer distances.


You should only drive horizontally with it, since by driving vertically it is possible that the pressure compensation cannot take place at the right speed.

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