Diving Computer

20.12.2016 by ricardo
dive computers, boyle-mariotte law

In the meantime, modern technology plays an important role when diving. Scuba diving without a diving computer? That is hardly imaginable today. Thereby, a diver needs the computer to calculate the decompression time above all, in other words the correct period of time to ascend. In the past, this task was taken over by so-called decompression tables, however they were not always sufficiently precise and in addition they were difficult to handle.

Today the computer assumes this task: It calculates much more precisely the pressure conditions and as such can provide exact decompression time.

Special case: Diving computer for gas mixture diving

Likewise, a lot of gas mixture diving devices have a computer.  Since here depending on the diving depth a different mixture of the gases is necessary, it calculates the correct composition. This should not be mistaken for the common diving computer.

Which is the right one for me?

This completely depends on what you need it for. When selecting the perfect device tailored to your needs, a diving expert or the diving school that you trust will gladly help you.

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