Diving Organizations

20.12.2016 by ricardo
diving organisations

Of course you can go diving with your buddy on your own account. At the beginning though it makes more sense to join a diving organisation. There you get the necessary support, you can do your training course and learn from experienced divers. In addition, the purpose of this organisation is to represent the interests of divers.

Which diving organisations are there?

  • Diving clubs: Clubs are casual organisations mostly for recreational divers. Nevertheless, there are very old clubs here as well, which all work according to a standardized norm, mostly the CMAS Standard.
  • Associations: Diving associations have a more official character than clubs. In the case of a registered association, it legally prevails as a company. As such, the association can offer diving hours for example. Under certain requirements, the association can also be considered as non-profit and cannot generate any profits.
  • Diving federations:Individual associations or clubs can band together as a federation, in order to represent their common interests together. Above all regarding rescue and professional divers, the structure of the federation is important. So for example there is the Federation of German Diving Instructors (VDTL). But also recreational divers have their own federation in Germany, the Federation of German Recreational Divers (VDST e.V.).

In our Dive-Wiki you will find entries and explanations concerning the most widespread diving organisations around the world. In the picture of the article, only a few of them can be seen.

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