Diving School

20.12.2016 by ricardo
diving school signs

At a diving school you can train to become a diver, practise your diving skills and do some further diving training. Thereby, most schools teach according to internationally standardised norms.

What do courses at a diving school look like?

Just like at a “normal” school, you also have theoretical diving classes of course. However, this only makes up a small part of the training. Most of the time is spent with practical exercises in a swimming pool and later also in open water. The training is completed with an exam at the school. Thereby, training at a school is not obligatory to obtain your diving certificate. However, due to safety reasons this is strongly recommended especially for beginners.

What diving school should I choose?

First of all, inform yourself about the different schools in your vicinity, their prices and according to what standards they teach. Since certain standards are not recognised everywhere, you should not necessarily choose the most economical school. Also pay attention to whether the chemistry between you and your diving instructor is right – this is more or less a gut decision. However, you should consider that you will spend a lot of time with this instructor and mutual trust is particularly important here.

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