Separate Systems

22.02.2017 by ricardo
separate systems scuba diving

Separate systems are an important safety measure when diving. These are not prescribed by diving associations, however they are increasingly recommended.

What exactly are separate systems?

Thereby you have two completely independently working regulators on your compressed air cylinder or rather with your compressed air cylinders (in the case of a two cylinder system). These are connected to two separately isolated cylinder valves. As such, if the freezing of a regulator occurs, you always have a spare with you and can continue breathing. Also in case of cylinder defects, you can close the valve and breathe by means of the other regulator. If you only dive with one compressed air cylinder, you can definitely use the separate systems with the regulator. However, you should keep in mind: If the cylinder fails, you are dependent though on the breathing air of your diving buddy. Therefore a double cylinder system in conjunction with the separate systems makes more sense.

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