Spare Air

08.03.2017 by ricardo
spare air

Even if nobody wishes this to happen: Emergency situations during a dive where your regulator fails.  An emergency inhaler is intended exactly for such cases (e.g. icing of the regulator when diving in cold bodies of water). This device is also called spare air. This one is composed of a little cylinder with compressed air as well as a simple regulator. The mouthpiece is thereby directly mounted onto the regulator.

When do I need Spare Air?

For extreme dives it is definitely recommendable since here the risk of the regulator failing is higher. Thereby you attach the device onto your equipment and take it in your hand if necessary. Especially if you are a diving beginner, such a tank can help you to bridge the way to your diving buddy and to avoid panicking. Afterwards, you can breathe from your buddy’s cylinder by means of a second regulator.

Important to know

Spare Air can only cover very short periods of time, insofar you should ascend as quickly as possible in case of a problem with your regulator.

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