Surface Interval

08.03.2017 by ricardo
sign for surface interval

If you dive several times (repetitive dive), you will occasionally have a pause at the surface of water. The designation of this pause ashore or on the boat is self-evident, namely surface interval.

How long does a surface interval last?

It can last from a few minutes up to some hours. The pause must be sufficiently long so that your body can eliminate the released gases (see also decompression). Because even if you comply with the decompression stops when ascending, nitrogen above all is still dissolved in your body. This can be breathed out slowly ashore.

Whereas if you descend right away again, the nitrogen cannot be completely eliminated. By doing so, the no deco time of your second dive is reduced. Special decompression tables or your diving computer can calculate how long your no deco time is in case of repetitive dives.

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