Suspended Particles

14.03.2017 by ricardo
suspended particles

Suspended Particles can occur both in the air and under water. Here we deal with the influence of particles on your diving experience above all.

What are suspended particles?

They are tiny particles which lie on the sea bottom and they are so light that they can easily be stirred up. Thereby, these can be composed of plant parts, small living creatures (krill), fine sand, mud or many other substances.

What problems can these cause?

In very clear water, you can see up to 50 metres away. However, if these little particles are stirred up, the visibility can go back to almost zero. This happens very easily, for example when you create a current with your fins at the bottom of the sea.

On one hand this is difficult for you, because clear visibility when diving is very important. On the other hand, the small particles can cause damage e.g. corals. This is why you should always stabilize yourself, so that you do not come too close to the seabed. By doing so you avoid stirring up the particles.

For underwater photography, these little suspended particles can influence the quality of the image especially when using torch light.

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