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scuba diving liveaboard

Wow! You are going on a diving safari (Liveaboard)? Take an extra pencil just in case. Or two. You will surely need them, then a logbook rarely fills up as quickly, as diversely and as impressively as during such a type of diving holiday. No wonder with two to five dives daily, every second one usually in another territory, far from the mainland. An adventure for experienced divers who, accompanied by 10 to 30 kindred spirits, do not want to do anything but discover and enjoy the underwater world one week long. Lug the equipment? Negative. Maximum up to the platform or into the dinghy, with which you often get steered a little bit further into solitude.

Access to water with comfort guarantee. Diving in territories, which you usually only have to share with sea dwellers. Yes!

No hotel buffet luxury. Cramped living conditions. No quiet place to retreat to. So what?

History of the Liveaboard

Live aboard lifestyle – this is nothing new. In 1987 the trend began in the Red Sea: The first cruise ship built exclusively for divers, the Ghazala I, took its first guests to fascinating reefs and wrecks. Today this type of specially equipped boats bustle on all oceans:  A dive deck, a platform to get on and off at the stern, compressors for filling the compressed air bottles quickly with air or nitrox. Emergency oxygen for injured divers. It is optimal when the electronic emergency and locating system ENOS, which is recommended by many international diving associations, is available for the guests.

A diving cruise is an adventure for experienced divers. Due to lack of experience, it is not uncommon for diving beginners, who have just completed their first training, and scuba divers, with only 20 to 50 logged dives, to be completely overstrained at offshore reefs often accompanied by strong currents! An absolute minimum of 50, or even 100, completed dives is a must according to experts.

A must is also your critical look at the safety equipment of the ship and the training of the personnel.

Safety first – and the diving safari becomes one of the highlights of your diving life.

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