Torch for diving

03.03.2017 by ricardo
diving torches

Especially if you dive at great depths, a special torch should belong to your basic equipment. This is valid above all if you practise wreck diving, cave diving or deep sea diving. Thereby you cannot take a normal lamp with you under water.  Special torches for divers are particularly robust. When selecting lighting, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Because you have to hold the light the whole time, it should fit perfectly in the hand and not be too heavy.
  • So that you do not lose it, make sure you have a strap to fix it to your equipment.
  • The casing should be scratch, impact and pressure resistant, in order to be able to withstand the water pressure. You can possibly purchase a neoprene sheath for it which mitigates shocks.
  • LED bulbs glow particularly strongly and durably.

What type of torches are there for divers?

In general there is a distinction between different types which are designed for specific purposes respectively.

  • Floodlight / Spread beam: These produce a broad cone of light. This is advantageous particularly in clouded water. The disadvantage is that a floodlight only has a small range.
  • Spotlight: This one has a large range, in return only a small cone of light. This is then ideal when you dive in clear water.
  • Normal beam: If you do not know exactly what the conditions under water are, you can do nothing wrong with this one. The normal beam has a middle range and an average cone of light.

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